Print Just 1 message from an Outlook email

Save paper, ink and time. Print Just 1 page or Print Just 1 message.


The YouTube video below gives a one and half minute overview of what PrintJust1 can do for you.


The Problem

If you print an email in Outlook you often get far more than you want. What you thought would be a simple one-page print out turns out to take up several sheets because all the messages that preceded the current message are added on. There may also be lengthy disclaimers and confidentiality notices that bloat the text and add to the waste.

Usually you do not want these previous messages and printing them is a waste of paper, ink and time. In a busy office this wastage can add up to a significant amount over time.


The Solution

Outlook does not offer an easy way to deal with this so we created Print Just 1 to meet the need.

Print Just 1 is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that can trim all the unwanted text from an email before printing it. It works with all versions of Outlook from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2016. It simply adds an extra toolbar, or ribbon, to Outlook along with keyboard shortcuts.

Print Just 1 also makes it possible for companies to track the savings that are being made. This is not only useful for cost control but also for various types of green certification, such as ISO14001.


The Savings

The savings you can make will vary from company to company. Below is a typical set of calculations.

72The number of emails that Jill, an assistant in a large firm of solicitors, printed in one month
288The number of pages Jill printed that month
84The number of pages Jill actually needed.
204The number of pages Jill wastefully printed that month
2,244The number of pages wastefully printed if Jill works 11 months.
5pThe average cost to this company of printing each page including paper, ink, service and maintenance, storage and staff time
£112.20The cost of Jill's wasteful printing over eleven months (to allow for holidays & sickness)
100The number of employees doing similar work to Jill in the company.
£11,220The annual cost to the company of such wasteful printing.

If Print Just 1 was installed on this company's machines that wastage could have been saved.

Print Just 1 can be set to send details of the savings made to the central web site which allows the company to monitor and evaluate the savings made.


If you have a business requirement to print emails you need Print Just 1.